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A Horse's Thought is now available as an e-book!

Thanks to the many readers who have asked for the "Journey into Honest Horsemanship" trilogy (A Horse's Thought, Between the Reins, and Further Along the Trail) to be made available in e-book editions.

The first book in the series--which begins the chronicle of Moates's epic horsemanship journey studying with renowned horseman, Harry Whitney ( made the jump to e-readers as the pilot project. The e-book edition of A Horse's Thought is now available for Kindle and should become available during November for all e-readers, wherever you buy e-books. ( is offering a 10% discount!)

Print editions of all three books can be ordered through the Books page here on the website.


Western Horseman review of Between The Reins:

"In his 2006 book Discovering Natural Horsemanship, writer Tom Moates wrote of his quest to better understand the equine mindset and develop a true horse-rider partnership. His 2009 follow-up, A Horse's Thought, chronicled his efforts to implement into his riding the teachings of clinician Harry Whitney, who has since become a mentor to Moates. In Between the Reins, Moates continues his ongoing journey toward horsemanship enlightenment, sharing lessons learned while riding with Whitney and during horseback excursions into the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Moates's home state. Containing 12 chapters and a foreword by Whitney, Between the Reins tells the story of a horseman who has survived the introductory phases of an equestrian education, and is now venturing forward, past the clichés of the clinic scene, in an effort to see the world from a horse's point of view. A skilled storyteller and gifted writer, Moates's ongoing contributions to the equestrian literary canon make for inspiring reading."


About Tom Moates

Tom Moates is a leading equestrian journalist and author.  This award winning writer is on the masthead of Equus magazine as a Contributing Writer, where his work frequently appears.  Articles he pens run in many major horse magazines in the United States and abroad including The American Quarter Horse Journal, Eclectic-Horseman, The Trail Rider, America’s Horse, American Cowboy, Paint Horse Journal, Western Horseman, and Hoofbeats (Australia).  Discovering Natural Horsemanship, his first book, and A Horse's Thought, Between the Reins, and Further Along the Trail are firmly established titles in the library of modern equestrian literature.  Moates lives on a solar powered farm with his wife Carol and a herd of horses in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

There are miles of difference between journalists and writers, between reporting and telling a story. This is a sterling example of the latter. The writer here never gets in the way of what is a most engaging tale. The writer never succumbs to sensationalism or sentimentality, easy temptations with a subject of this nature. Word selection, pacing, organization--it's all here, beautiful in its simplicity, so much hard work appearing so effortless." From American Horse Publications: regarding Moates's award winning cover feature in Equus magazine, "A Cross-Country Ride Like No Other."